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Amy Ozga is a working class artist from Bristol, CT. She received her BFA from University of Hartford’s Hartford Art School in 2017, and is the first in her family to pursue an art life. Amy currently works in Sheffield, MA as a Colorist and Assistant Designer for Tillett Textiles. She has worked as a print assistant to Mark Dion in collaboration with the Hartford Art School, and assisted in Monotype and Silkscreen workshops while studying there. Amy has shown work in Connecticut and surrounding New England, most notably in Five Points Gallery’s 2017 Juried Biennial Exhibition in Torrington, CT and the Northeast Regional Collegiate Print Show in Branchburg, New Jersey. Amy currently creates work in her Torrington studio as a member of Five Point's and University of Hartford's Launchpad Program for emerging graduates.


Amy celebrates the significance of her family’s average, working class lifestyle and finds preciousness in what most call mundane. Her American Dream is not to be a millionaire, or go to Hollywood, but rather, just find her own slice of happiness in today’s dystopian society–to ride her mother’s vintage Mossberg bicycle freely down the street, to be able to afford a cuppa coffee, to eventually own a modest home, but, most importantly, to be able to make a living from something she truly enjoys–a luxury her ancestors never had the chance to experience.

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